When we provide your customized menu, we list all of our estimated charges in order to provide you with a complete bid. Our proposal are broken down into the following. Menu price, 20% surcharges of food, disposable ware’s (if needed), delivery fee, staffing charges, and applicable sales tax.

GRATUITY: NCC does not charge gratuity fees on your invoice. If you believe that our staff went above and beyond with services and expectations, please feel free to add a gratuity after your final payment. We will then distribute the gratuity accordingly to our staff involved of your event.

LEFTOVERS: If there are left overs from the event, the client will receive those left overs. The client must supply appropriate containers. If you do not have containers, any left overs will be discarded, as we will not be able to store them for you. All left overs must be consumed within 24 hours. 

RENTALS:  NCC can assist client with making rental arrangement. We work with vendors and secure all rental items you require to complete your special event.

DISPOSABLE WARES: All food order does not include serving ware unless specified.  NCC can provide disposable ware’s and cutlery and are available in different types and pricing, from basic disposable, compostable to elegant option.

NUT, DAIRY, GLUTEN, OTHER FOOD ALLERGY AND SPECIAL DIET: Northern Colorado Catering cannot guarantee full omission of all ingredients we use in our kitchen.
Our catering kitchen is an open plan facility and allergens such as nuts and gluten are present, so there is always the possibility of cross contamination even when taking every possible precaution. NCC will not assume any liability for adverse reactions to foods consumed, or items an individual may come in contact with at any event catered by Northern Colorado Catering. Our staff & chef are not trained on dietary allergy or intolerance and if you have a severe allergy, we cannot be expected to provide accurate information or recommendation.

BUFFET: This style of service offers a variety of menu choices. Quantities of food prepared will adequately serve the number of guaranteed guests. This, however, does not imply all-you-can-eat. A buffet is suggested when the following may occur, guests arriving at different times, the physical layout of the room, mixed crowd requiring a varied menu, lack of facilities to serve formally, or a more informal style of event.

All courses are served at your table. Depending on the time constraints of your event, the salad and/or dessert courses can be pre-set. Pricing is based on a single-menu entrée select

BAR SERVICES: If bar service is contracted, all alcohol purchase are responsibilities of the client. NCC has the right to refuse any guest service if the guest appears to exhibit out of normal behavior or control. The client must make sure the guests are of a proper age to consume alcohol. Anyone not able to provide proper ID must be refused service.

STAFFING CHARGES: Professional staff rate is per hour with a minimum of 5 hours. Staff hours are estimated and are billed portal‑to‑portal. Billing starts at arrival time and ends after departing the event site on events held within Fort Collins area. The same rate may apply for staff travel time to out of area event.  If your event should run longer than anticipated, your invoice will be adjusted. The balance of the adjusted invoice is due within 3 days after the event. For large service events, we require an Event Manager to oversee staff and ensure the coordination of a successful event. Our event coordinator will recommend the number of service staff required to do a successful event.


Event/Staffing times are based on the allowances required by each independent site. Additional requirements & restrictions may apply in accordance with individual venue policies.


Two Hours Set-Up windows for partial set up (or) Four Hour Window for a larger more involve set up,

Five Hour Service Staff, Bar Service, Cake Cutting, Toast, Table Bussing, etc. Two Hour Clean Up & Tear Down                                                                                                                             



Buffet Service                                                     One Service Staff per 30 guests

Food Attendant                                                   Two Per One Buffet Station for 75/guests

Plated Service                                                     One Service Staff for every 16 guests (Flexible)

Bottle Beer & Wine Bar                                        One Bartender for every 75guests Two if Serving Beer Keg

Full Spirit Bar                                                      One Bartender for every 50 guests

Chef (Coordinator will Determine)                         For Event with – Food  Station, Plated Service, Cook on Site                                                    



Service Staff                                                       Minimum 5 hours

Bartenders                                                         Minimum 5 hours

Food Attendant                                                  Minimum 5hours

Chef                                                                 Chef Fee +

Dish Attendant                                                   Minimum 5 hours

When scheduling your event, remember that setup and breakdown time is also required.

DAMAGES AND LIABILITY: Client’s responsibility is to ensure that the table for setup and any flammable items including our decor material are protected from the heat source of our chafers. If our staff is not hired to be present at the client’s event, the client will be responsible for unattended chafing dishes and all other NCC equipment. Northern Colorado Catering does not assume or accept any responsibility due to negligence by the client or any attendees of the client’s event that causes any damage as a result. Missing or damaged equipment, decor, place settings, centerpieces, linens, serving utensils, salad bowls, and all other NCC’s property will be billed to the client at replacement cost.  It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that all NCC catering property is present when the driver arrives to pick it up. Any items not picked up may incur additional charges if the driver has to make an additional trip to the client’s location to retrieve the items. Equipment and other items are not picked up on the same day require the same responsibility by the client to ensure that equipment and other items are not lost or damaged.


DELIVERY: A delivery fee will be assessed for food items that require only drop off at the event location. Delivery outside of Fort Collins will be assessed by time and mileage then charged accordingly. Return trips for clean-up, drop-off of extra food, etc. will incur an additional delivery charge.  Large deliveries and difficult delivery venues with stairs will require extra labor and service fee. Evening drop off will be scheduled for pick up on the following day. An additional labor fee will be assesse if pick up the same night.

SURCHARGES: Surcharges are not a gratuity.  An additional 20% surcharge on food and beverage sales is automatically added to the contract. Surcharges

cover all behind the scenes planning and orchestrating of your event include administrative, as well as additional funds for cooking, preparing, unloading and packing up, vehicle maintenance, insurance costs, chafing dishes and their fuel cans and certain rentals that are not charged directly to the client.

CONTRACT AND DEPOSIT: A signed contract and non-refundable deposit is required at the time of booking. Event deposit is 25% or $1000 of the estimated total. A deposit will apply to your balance due of your invoice. Larger events over $5000 will require a (3) installment deposit and the 3rd payment is due 10 days prior to the event date.

FINAL GUEST COUNT DUE: NCC must receive guarantee guest count 14 days before the events. Once the final guest count is received, the guest count can only increase but may not decrease. If the guest count has not been confirmed with NCC according to schedule, NCC will plan and prepare for the original contracted guest count and not average amounts.

 All catering order require full payment 10 days before the event. Payment with credit card for wedding and large social event will incur a 3.5% transaction fee. No fee will be imposed on deposit paid with a credit card. NCC gladly accept all types of credit card, debit card & personal and corporate checks.

SALES TAX: The State of Colorado requires sales tax to be applied to service charges, all food items. Sales tax applies to all labor related to the event, rentals and operation/admin fee. Please refer to board of equalization regulation for additional detail information. Tax-exempt organizations must provide documentation with the first order.

PRICES: Prices on our menus and may be subject to change without notice due to market price fluctuation. Substitutions and additions on any menu will reflect price changes on the final invoice


Event canceled after receiving the signed contract and deposit will result in forfeiture of the full deposit. Rescheduling of the dated events is always granted base on date availability, usually as soon as possible. Additional cost may apply if perishable ingredients need re preparations or subcontract cost may need to be recharged. NOTE: The deposit is non-refundable or transferable for any circumstances.


Northern Colorado Catering shall not be liable for the non-performance of this contract when attributed to labor troubles, disputes, strikes, government (State, Federal or Municipal) regulations of or restrictions on travel or supplies, riots, natural emergencies, Acts of God and other causes whether enumerated herein or not, which are beyond the reasonable control, preventing or interfering with Northern Colorado Catering performance In such an event, Northern Colorado Catering shall not be liable.





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