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The food tastings are not just about the food – they are about building a relationship with your caterer. Food is usually the biggest expense for the wedding, so it is only natural that one of the questions I get asked most frequently by the couple’s is what they should expect when requesting a tasting.


 Can I schedule a tasting before booking?
  Yes, Northern Colorado Catering will allow you to test out your food choices before you sign a contract, but it has a cost of $75.00 per person. Please note that tasting must be paid in advance.  However, our tasting is complimentary once you book and sign your date with us.


What happens at a tasting? This is where you have the opportunity to taste what you have chosen for your menu every hors d’oeuvres and course. You get to experience what your guests will taste. Some Items will not be available to taste with additional cost. (Example: Prime Rib Roast, )

 What do I get to taste?  You will narrow down the selections from choices you have already made. This is the time to taste what you have an interest in and create your final menu. You will taste options for apps, salads, entrées and side dishes.

What do I do if I don’t like something or want something changed? Always speak up! This is your special day…we want it to be perfect. The menu is created for your special occasion. We are here to please you and your tastes. We allow for changes up to 21 days prior to the event, if need be.

 How are dietary needs addressed? Any dietary needs will be discussed prior to the tasting. We will also address special needs during the tasting, as you create your final menu. Special dishes for children, vegetarians or those with allergies can be made separate from the regular menu, for the day of the event. 

Is the flavor of food during the tasting the same as the wedding day? Yes, the flavor will be the same as you will see at your event. In some situations, the portions will be tasting portions only. Buffet items, of course, will be an exception.
 Can the menu be changed during the tasting to bring the cost down?  We always try to accommodate a bride’s budget. As an example, simply changing the type of fish in a fish entrée can change the price without changing the taste of the meal. We will discuss these options during the tasting. 

~ What to Expect at Your Tasting ~