Full Service Catering for For‚Äčt Collins and all Surrounding Areas

Cold Beverages





Iced Tea ~ per gallon

Lemonade ~ per gallon

Fruit Punch ~ per gallon

Sparkling Punch ~ per gallon

Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice ~ per gallon

Cranberry Juice ~ per gallon

Apple Juice  ~ per gallon

Frozen Smoothies ~ per person (12oz)
*Required Service Staff ~ Minimum 50 Guest Count

Bottled Water  

Assorted Canned Sodas  ~  per person



Premium Regular& Decaf Coffee ~ Includes Creamers and Sweeteners

per Air-Pot (10 cup)              per Gallon (16 cups)

Hot Tea ~ per bag
Includes Cut Lemons and Honey

 Hot Cocoa ~ per Air-Pot (10 cups)
                  per Gallon (16 cups)

 Hot Cider ~ per Air-Pot (10 cups)
                 per gallon (16 cups)

Hot Beverages

~ Ala Carte Hot and Cold Beverage Menu ~