Full Service Catering for For‚Äčt Collins and all Surrounding Areas

~ Additional Information ~

Additional Charges Explained



Surcharges are not gratuity charges. Surcharges cover all behind the scenes planning and orchestrating for your event.

An additional 20% surcharged on food and beverage sales is automatically added to the contract. Surcharges include administrative staffing, as well as additional funds for cooking, preparing, unloading and packing up. The surcharge is also used in Human Resources for training staff to avoid using more expensive temporary staff services. Surcharges include other costs, such as vehicle maintenance, insurance costs, chafing dishes and their fuel cans, certain rentals that are not charged directly to the client.



NCC does not charge gratuity fees on your invoice. No Tip Jars are present to your guests. If you believe that our staff went above and beyond with services and expectations, please feel free to add a gratuity after your final payment. We will then distribute the gratuity accordingly to our staff involved on your event.



$30.00 per Truck and per Zone, Our Zone is Tri City of Ft Collins, Windsor, and Loveland.

Delivery outside of Fort Collins will be assessed by time and mileage then charged accordingly.



Our professional staff is $20.00 per hour and ensures efficient and courteous service for your event. Rates are set per hour for service attendants, servers, chefs and bartenders. In order to ensure proper service during your event, Northern Colorado Catering will make recommendations regarding staffing to be efficient and effective in your event and guests service.


Reception Time Allowances  The following are guidelines for staffing

Event/Staffing times are based on the allowances required by each independent site. Additional requirements & restrictions may apply in accordance with individual venue policies.



Typical time lines are as follows:

Two Hour Set-Up windows for partial set up (or),

 Four Hour Window for a larger more involved set up~

(Validate Rental Check in, Linen, Tables, Chairs, Center Pieces, Special Tables Set ups)

Five Hour Service Staff, Bar Service, Cake Cutting, Toast, Table Bussing, etc.

Two Hour Clean Up & Tear Down

                                          Staffing Platform

Buffet Service                                            One Service Staff for every 32 guests or 4 table of 8

Plated Service                                            One Service Staff for every 16 guests (Flexible)

Beer & Wine Bar                                         One Bartender for every 100 guests

Full Spirit Bar                                             One Bartender for every 50 guests

Buffet Attendant                                         One for every 50 guest up to 200 guests


Service Staff, Bartender                                            $20/hour

Food Attendant                                                         $20/hour

Chef                                                                         $20/hour


Northern Colorado Catering does not charge extra for cake cutting, champagne pouring or service with a smile